I’m the stay at home mom of two little white dogs, Chloe and Isaac (don’t hate me, I know, I’m very lucky):

I have been married for almost 8 years (to the husband that is next to me in this picture. Imagine a 6’4” red head (ok, some grey – some of that may be my fault). He’s a cutie, I promise:
iPhone PIctures 947-crop

I live in the middle of nowhere (the picture isn’t great, but those are corn fields, and the stalks are about 3 feet taller than I am…fun). We’ve been here just over three years. I can’t complain, because it’s been a great opportunity for us, but it definitely feels like it’s the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, we get visitors (not random visitors, friends and family). And we have been able to travel too some really cool places and visit friends and family a lot since moving here too. That has really made it pretty easy to adjust:

I love my friends! I’m not going to post a picture of all of them for a couple of reasons. One, I would need to (and probably should) get their permission first (and some of them wouldn’t give it to me for their own various reasons). Two, I would inevitably leave out one or two that are very important to me, and feelings would get hurt without trying and I don’t want to deal with all of that. They all know who they are, and they know that I couldn’t get through life without them!

I love champagne and mimosas (and wine). That may not seem important to any of you, or for the purpose of this blog for that matter, but it is about me! I think that they are all things that are underrated, and I don’t feel like I should be judged for enjoying any of them whenever I choose! And, if I’m being honest, I don’t think they should come in small portions either:

I love to celebrate my birthday (I don’t care how old I get), I love to eat, I love to sleep, I prefer to be lazy, I AM NOT a morning person, I don’t enjoy cooking (I wish I did), I’m a moron in the grocery store (seriously, I become ignorant the second I walk in the door, ask my husband), I have no patience, I have ADHD, OCD (lot’s of other things that interfere and distract) and I hate to exercise (until I make myself do it, then I love it).

So why a “running “blog?

Well, I obviously have the time to do a blog since I am the stay at home mom of two little white dogs ☺. I do volunteer, but I have been itching for something else to do other than “run errands” and clean the house.

All of a sudden, at 40 ½ (yes, I gave away my age, because I don’t really care if you know) I decided I was going to become an “outside runner” just because I felt like it (and because I had gotten fat and out of shape). I don’t usually have an explanation for things; so don’t ask me why, at this age, I decided to become a serious runner (serious according to me). I can explain the “outside runner” comment though. I always viewed the people that ran outside as different runners than me, the treadmill runner. First off, there are hills outside (no.thank.you, I still feel strongly about hills). Second, running outside does not allow you the privilege to cheat as easily when you run on a treadmill. Let me explain my logic. When you run on a treadmill, (I feel like) it is very easy to allow the treadmill to do the majority of the pushing off for you. So basically, you don’t have to work as hard when you run on the treadmill (nice right – not to say you aren’t working hard, don’t freak out on me – I’ve spent plenty a days sweating my butt of on the treadmill, so I know it’s work!). But when you run outside, you actually have to use your legs to physically push you off to create the momentum to get (and keep) going. Now there may be no science behind this (or there could be), and I am not saying I didn’t do any work when I ran on the treadmill, but I KNOW that I work harder and use more physical strength (with my legs and my core) when I run outside. I did run on the treadmill in my thirties. I actually ran a lot, and now that I have started running outside, I am a stronger and better runner on the treadmill. GO ME!
Here’s the deal, I wasn’t an athlete growing up, and I am not your typical runner. By that I mean I don’t go out and run a ½ mile, or a mile, or three miles. I go out and it takes me forever to warm up first off, so my form really sucks until I warm up (I’m sure I look ridiculous). Then, even after I warm up, I don’t run a ½ mile, or a mile, or three miles. I just run, and it’s so hard, but I do it. And when it gets too hard, I stop and walk. And then I start running again, and so on and so on. I push a little harder as I get into it, but I never run long distances. When I first started out, I went to a running class so that I could learn to run (dorky, right). Then, when I would talk to people about running I would say, “I’m not a real runner” because I knew I didn’t run like most people I know. They always said that was ok because everyone starts out slow. Here’s the thing, I still run that way. I get embarrassed sometimes when I talk about running with other people that are runners and I know what my running is compared to what their running is, but should I? I mean, I run, so I’m a runner, a real runner. It’s just different than other people. I read a running article when I first started running that said runners hated it when people said, “I’m not a real runner”. I’ve worked really hard to stop saying it, even though I’m not a “normal” runner. I shouldn’t have to explain my running style just because it’s different from the rest of the world.
I can’t promise this is going to be an entirely “running” only blog per say. Actually, I should probably promise that it isn’t. I have lots to say about lots of things!


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