MIA!?!? I’m going to blame football…

Yes, I’ve been MIA for a bit. I choose to blame football. Obviously football hasn’t consumed my every minute for the last few weeks, but it is the excuse I choose to use. We are a football family, and it takes up a lot of our time. It impedes my running on the weekends (both watching and going to games since we’ve been to a lot more games this year than normal). I tend to think and worry about it during the week (not to an obsessed level, but it does consume my mind on occasion). I didn’t even like football before I met my husband. Well, I guess I liked it, but I didn’t know enough about it to appreciate it like I do now. I’m still learning about it constantly, but I just LOVE it. I love going to the games (college games mostly), and I even love watching them on TV. It’s just so much fun! Since football has started, I’ve just kind of fallen off the planet a bit I guess.

UB Bulls vs Baylor with the niece and nephew and in-laws - the Bulls lost...

UB Bulls vs Baylor with the niece and nephew and in-laws – the Bulls lost…

Watching the Bill's at home!

Watching the Bill’s at home!

Even the little guy is a Bills fan!

Even the little guy is a Bills fan!

At the Temple game in Houston - wish we could have come out with a win that night.  Go Owl's!

At the Temple game in Houston – wish we could have come out with a win that night. Go Owl’s!

Now there are other factors that have kept me from posting too. I was down and out for a bit physically. That will be another post I’m sure. Not enough to keep me from running or working out thank goodness, but enough to mess up my thought process enough to keep me from posting. I know it doesn’t make sense, but I assure you, it made an impact. I’ve tried to tough through it and keep focused, which I have been able to do for the most part. And then there has been a bit of writer’s block that has come into play. I’m not sure if it was the pain I have been in, or just writer’s block in general. Every time I would think about making a post my mind would go blank. I felt like there was nothing interesting enough going on that you would enjoy I guess, and I just shut down from writing. And the longer I went without posting, the sillier it seemed to post, and so-on and so-on.

Now the smart thing to do would have been to write about all of the reasons why I wasn’t writing, just to keep you informed and engaged. Since you all took the time to follow and support me, I at least owed you that. But I didn’t. So I apologize for leaving you hanging like that, and I will be better about posting and including you in what is going on.

I can sum up for the most part what has been happening the last few weeks. I have continued to run, because I love it and have become a bit addicted to it at this point :). I’ve had to resort to the treadmill a few times, I imagine that is going to increase as the weather gets worse since I’m not the most seasoned outside runner. We’ve traveled to Houston for a college football game there. It was fun. I got to spend some time with one of my friends, go to the game, and the hubs and I hit up the Johnson Space Center. The Buffalo Bill’s seem to be pulling a better football game out of their hats on Sundays. As Bill’s fans you try to enjoy the wins, but you still remain pretty nervous every time there is a game because you have become accustomed to the losses. It’s been nice being able to see some victories! We’ve been out exploring more restaurants downtown which has been nice. I’ve done some baking (pies…mmmm), and of course taking care of the pups needs (the normal laser therapy for their arthritis, and a toenail emergency). I’ve done some reading, some organizing. And now I’m getting ready to head into the busy life season. I love this time of year, it is definitely my favorite, but we sure do get busy. Once November hits I will be out of town for a week visiting my friend in Philly (and going to a football game). I have a friend coming to town for the weekend two days after I get back from that trip (can’t wait to see her). My in-laws come the next week for Thanksgiving (we always look forward to that). Then going to New Orleans the first weekend in December for a football game (see, you didn’t believe me – we LOVE football, but we don’t normally get to go to this many games). The next weekend is off to Atlanta for the company Christmas party. Some time between now and then we have to figure out when we are traveling back home for the holidays, and I have to get set up for a surgery at some point (again, that’s another post). I guess it’s safe to say that we will be busy into the New Year, and I’m sure most of you will be as well.

I have been able to keep up with exercise pretty well through all of the chaos, and I plan to stay on top of it as best I can through the upcoming insanity. I have maintained the attitude that I don’t have to been as hard on myself about doing it or not doing it. I figure as long as I am staying active, I will be doing fine. I can focus on more of the toning up after the holidays again and get myself where I want to be. I have been considering a personal trainer to help me with strength, toning, and focus. I am still tossing that around in my head, we will see where it ends up.

Again, I apologize for keeping you hanging these past few weeks. I hope to keep you more up to date. It should be interesting to see how the running goes with the colder weather…

What are your thoughts on a personal trainer?


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