How do you know?

When I first started running I was embarrassed to tell people that I was a “runner” because I didn’t think I fit into (what I thought) was the definition of running. Sometimes I still struggle to call myself a runner. I couldn’t (and don’t) jog several miles at a time. I never even really run a mile or probably even a half or quarter mile before I stop and walk a bit. I don’t even really jog, I actually run a pretty good pace, because if I jog I feel like I will just fall on my face from going so slow. I am literally that lazy!

So based on that, I started a running blog of all things (get the irony of the name of my blog yet?). Do I really have the right to write a running blog? I mean, I’m not your typical runner by definition, right? My blog might not talk about all the races I’ve run (hahahaha), or my personal best time, I don’t even keep track of the distance I run. I also realize it is a whole lot harder for me to get motivated to run than it is for a lot of people in the blogs I read. Here I talk about the truths and struggles I have with running and exercising in general. I get the fact that I’m not a textbook runner, but let there be no question, what I am doing is running. Every. Single. Time!

Today is a good example one of my “not so runner, runner day’s”. I felt like crap, and didn’t even want to run at all. I made myself do it, and it sucked the ENTIRE time. Yes, it felt good too, but it sucked the entire time! I only ran two of my usual three “laps”, and walked the entire final lap. I’ll be honest with you…I’m glad I did it so I can feel a little less guilty when I eat popcorn and have wine for dinner (the husband’s out of town – it’s my thing, especially since I’m not feeling well), but I am still completely drained and would have rather not had to workout at all. That is just how I feel some days. I wish I could be more motivated and feel great and jump up and go for a run every day, but it’s just not in my DNA.

That’s kinda the main reason I started this blog. I figured, I probably wasn’t the only person out there that had such ridiculous running habits (or eating habits). And even if I was the only person out there like me, maybe all the other “runner’s” of the world would get a kick out of my efforts and attempts at trying to be a “runner” (especially at my age).

Since I’ve started running, I’ve learned that the one thing that makes every runner alike is the fact that they put one foot in front of the other and make the effort! And for that, we each deserve the right to call ourselves RUNNERS! THUMBS UP!

I’m not the only one to ever question whether or not I’m a real runner Run Haven was on the same page with me again today! They agree, we are all “real runner’s”!


Feeling worse than I look, but I RAN, because I AM A RUNNER!!!!


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