Change of pace

I had an idea of a post for today, but as I was in the middle of reading blogs and posts when I found something that I thought I should pass along incase everyone didn’t have the opportunity to see it. It really made me relax this morning and think about how much I should (and do most of the time) appreciate being able to run.

When I was running laps on my track (I call it a track, it’s more like a trail type track) last week, I kept passing this woman as she was walking a pretty steady walk. Finally, at one point she said something to me. I pulled off my earpiece and asked her to repeat it and she said “I’m jealous of you being able to run, I blew out my knee and can’t run, so I’m jealous”. I told her she was doing great and to keep it up. It made me push a little harder to finish out my run, and appreciate the fact that other people wished they could do what I was doing (even though I am not your typical definition of a runner). It made me think about people worse off than just blowing out their knees that would give anything to get out there and run like me.  It also made me feel proud of what I was doing, even in the midst of my little lack of get up and go episode.

The post made me think back to the week I decided to start my blog. And how I stopped after my run and stretched on Lake Michigan and then just sat on a rock and listened to music while I starred out at the peaceful view of the morning lake. It was something I don’t have here at home, and something I didn’t want to let get away while I had the chance to enjoy it!

Don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy the special parts about running that we get to have, because there are lots of people out there that would give anything to get just a tiny glimpse into our experiences. We are truly blessed to be able to run and see what we see and have that amazing feeling we have when we are done with a run!

Check out the post below.



Lake Michigan - what a great view!

Lake Michigan – what a great view!


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