What will today bring?

As I sit and finish my coffee and continue to read up on what’s going on in the world (you know, checking emails, reading blogs, chatting with friends on instant message, catching up on FaceBook ;)) – I do read the news by the way, it just tends to bring me down most days.  Besides, it’s way more fun finding out what’s going on in my friend’s lives (sometimes…). I am thinking about what the day will bring, and where my Fall went? These last couple of days have been in the high 70’s and that’s no fun.

I’m not sure why I am so contemplative about the day really. I know what it entails. I’m going to run, do my workout video, clean up, run a couple of errands, then dinner downtown to kick off the weekend. It’s a pretty nice day all in all. And it’s planned out. I don’t usually have it all planned out like this most of the time, but it’s nice to have it all planned and ready to head into the beautiful weekend! Especially the dreaded “what do you want to do for dinner” Friday night question that goes back and forth for over an hour every week. I guess I am feeling really relaxed this morning knowing that one is out of the way for once. It’s not like us to knock that out the day before, and I don’t know why he actually made a suggestion and I agreed to it right away. But the fact is we did it, and now I can just go into my day knowing that all I have to do is what I need to do and not dread the end of the day and the dinner conversation. Maybe that’s why I woke up smiling. Even though it’s too hot out for Fall (going to be 80 today), I know today is going to be a fairly smooth day. And that makes me happy!

I hope your day goes smoothly! Run on!

Cheers to a good day!

Cheers to a good day!


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