My get up and go, got up and went!

Something happened to my umph and I’m bummed about it! Lately I have struggled to get pumped about working out and running. I have had to force myself to do it (more-so than usual). I’ve literally had ZERO motivation. Usually I will have at least something. You know, maybe the fact that I know I am losing weight and how I fit into my clothes better (that is always one of my favorites), or the fact that I can eat and drink more without feeling as much guilt (also one of my faves), or thinking about how awesome I feel after I workout. There is usually something that gets me off my butt and going pretty easily. But not lately, lately none of that has been working. I mean I know I don’t want to get fat again, and I know I want to be able to eat and drink somewhat guilt-free, and I know I will feel better physically and mentally when I am done, but none of it gets my motor running and I can’t put my finger on why. I don’t even get that amazing feeling after my workouts. You know, when the endorphins kick in and you think you have conquered the world! Nope, nothing, nada. Just an empty feeling.

The husband thinks it might be the fact that I need to change things up a bit. But I haven’t even been doing my videos in a month. I literally had to start the series completely today to get back on track (kicking my butt). And my running has been so off track that it has been far from routine, so I wouldn’t say that anything has been really so boring that I need to change it up, but maybe I’m wrong. I have actually felt like I’m out of shape lately, so I’m not sure how I could be in a situation to change things up. Who knows.

Regardless, I have to figure out how to get it back that’s for sure! Because on top of it all, I tweaked my hip yesterday when I was doing my video and now I have to rest today…any suggestions?

I'm baffled...

I’m baffled…


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