Sometimes you have to make your own music!

Because your MP3 player decides to die in the middle of your run…boo. What’s funny is, the darn thing lasts forever, so I never check it to see if it needs to be charged.  Lesson learned!

I had decided that yesterday was going to be my “get back into your three lap routine day”. No matter how hard it was. I just didn’t expect to end up running that third lap to the tune of my heavy breathing.

It didn’t really seem fair honestly, my legs were so tired already for some reason but I was pushing through my run.  Then, right when my third lap was about to start…radio silence…literally!  I messed with my MP3 player a little bit, until I saw those fateful words “low battery”, then back to nothing.  So I thought to myself, “it’s been a rough week, you don’t have to do this last lap, how could you possibly finish out this run without music to get you through it anyway?”.    And there I was again, looking at just another two lap day. Then I thought to myself, “you can just walk the last lap, that’s better than not doing it at all”. So I started to walk. Then I thought, I can start to run for a little bit and see how much I can do.  All of a sudden I caught myself humming the last song that was playing when my stupid MP3 player decided to die (I don’t remember the song, I kept telling myself I needed to remember it so that I could tell you guys because it was what I used to keep on keeping on, but in true “me” fashion, I forgot it – so anti-climatic I know). I kept humming that song all the way through my third lap, right up until the end. And at the end I told myself…”I’m so proud of you”. I’m such a dork, I know. But if I didn’t tell myself I was proud of me, then who would have been there to do it. And honestly, I was SUPER proud to have done it and not given up even though my heavy breathing was REALLY annoying at times. I’m not the kind of person that likes to be told to keep going by someone else, but when I do it on my own it makes me really proud! That was my yesterday!

One day I decided to run, and I do it for me!


All I heard was my heavy breathing, and some occasional humming ;)

All I heard was my heavy breathing, and some occasional humming 😉


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