Oh Buffalo…

I love you Buffalo! I love the weather, I love the people more than I ever have anywhere else, and I really love the food (mmmm…wings, beer, Paula’s donuts, even the hot dogs are better – I could go on and on). I love running in Buffalo, even when I am out of my groove and it is hard, it’s just nice to run here. The cool days have been nice, and everyone keeps saying “hi” and trying to talk to us (yes, they have been actually trying to have conversations while we were running…it’s as if they didn’t notice we we’re kinda a little busy doing something and couldn’t really talk ;)). There is just something about Buffalo that makes me happy and content. I’m not from here, but I want to live here (I know, there is a lot of snow – I have been here when there is a lot of snow). It is the one place I have been in my life that feels like home to me.

It is always so nice to go and visit with family and friends, but it’s always hard to leave. It’s also always really hard to stay on point with eating right and exercising… Fortunately, we’ve gotten better about both over the recent year! And the nice thing is, we’ve learned to really enjoy Buffalo in a different way by exercising and eating differently.

Summing it up, I ran on my trip (just like I said I would), and I enjoyed it (as hard as it was for some reason). I didn’t go completely out of control with eating (even though it is easy to do in Buffalo). And I still want to move there… Now I just need to get better about posting to my blog when I travel 😉


Happy in Buffalo!

Happy in Buffalo!


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