ok, ok, ok…

So, here’s the deal! I’ve been bummed lately. I took a week and a half off of running. Mostly because of my knee’s and my ankle. They were really giving me grief for some reason. I iced them…once…during that time. I am so bad about that for some reason. I kept up with my workout videos though, until the in-laws came to visit and college football started – YAY! (insert humble face here/and excited face). At that point I just took some time off of working out all together, went to a couple of season opener games (pure awesomeness), and ate and drank more than I needed to (again). Which made me feel HORRIBLE!!!

The thing is, when you travel it’s really hard to find the time and the place to workout or run where you know your are going to be safe. Yes, I could have gone to the gym in the hotel, but that doesn’t really do it for me. It would have at least been something though, and I really could have used something. I’m not sure why I can always look back and see how I could have fit in the workouts or the runs, but at the time it would have been such a time crunch for me to do and have been an inconvenience on everyone else if I had tried to squeeze them in. How’s that for being able to make up excuses?

So I came into this week knowing I was traveling again, and I ran Tuesday. It felt SO GOOD!!! My body was rested and ready for it. The weather was cooler, and I pushed out the best run I’ve had in a long time! I was thrilled (and I even iced that night, aren’t you proud of me). Then I ran again Wednesday before we left to go out of town. Another good run, even though it was much hotter out that day.  Then nothing, of course. No time is my excuse. A different hotel for each night. Running around getting things done and visiting friends. Just no time. I keep falling back into that same excuse. Odd, my husband has managed to workout each day, but not me…hmmm! Where is my drive? I do know I’m nervous about running on the treadmill since I’ve been having the issues with my knee’s and my ankle. I feel like the treadmill will add to the issues I’ve been having.  You would think I should still be able to manage some kind of workout in there, and yet I haven’t. It’s like once I get out of “my routine” (and you know that when I say “my” routine I am treading very lightly in comparison to those of you who actually have respectable routines) I lose my oomph. I am behind on my video workout series, and behind on my running. Which puts me behind on where I want to be on my weight loss, and that bums me out even more. And it makes it harder to get back into it. I was proud that I did it Tuesday and Wednesday, but I needed to be doing it while we were on this trip.

Here is my promise to you, as I sit in my second hotel room in two nights in Atlanta. When I get back home tomorrow, I will get back to it. AND, when I go out of town early next week, I will keep it up! I don’t like the way I feel when I don’t workout, and I need to use that feeling to stay motivated. I really miss the running, and feeling strong physically. I also missed sharing my challenges and accomplishments on my blog. I owe you that as well! After all, that’s why I started this thing 😉


Do you ever get in a funk that keeps you stuck just because you got into it in the first place?

Very old picture, but I had to represent at least one game we went to this weekend (even though they lost horribly…) Go 'gate!

Pretty old picture, but I had to represent at least one game we went to this weekend (even though they lost horribly…) Go ‘gate!


A couple of years ago, but needed to show my support! Go Blue!


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