I’m 100% off the crack!!!

I’m am 100%, COMPLETELY off the crack, for good!! Well, it was crack for me (at one point in my life). In the form of a 32oz Icee.

I guess it’s been almost a decade since I discovered (thanks to my husband to be at the time) that the delicious beverage I was enjoying at least three times a week contained a calorie count of almost 2600 calories (OMG – I both loved and hated him for bringing this to my attention!). Seriously, almost three times a week religiously I took so much joy in sipping on that little (well, gigantic) drink all alone in my office. I know it sounds strange, but it brought me a sense of calm to take a big swig and get that brain freeze in the middle of a chaotic day. It was almost a form of a peacefull escape. At that moment, I couldn’t focus on anything else but coming out of that brain freeze into the taste of the cherry and cola in my mouth…mmmmmm (I know, it’s absolutely nuts!).

But now I had all the facts right, I couldn’t deny them – 2,580 calories in a 320z Icee. That’s the math of it. Plain and simple. There was no way for me to turn it around into some logical or rational debate in my favor.  It was what it was.  And I was just basing my guilt off the calorie count. It did’t include the sodium, the carbs, or the (dare I bring into the conversation) the sugar! I had to make a decision, a healthy choice, and I didn’t want to!  I LOVED that drink, and the time I spent with it. How could I walk away from that. The flavor, oh the flavor. I remember it to this day! But I had to do it, I had to let it go. So I quit cold turkey! Just like that, I walked away. I would love to say that I never turned back, but every time I walked by an Icee machine or saw the sign somewhere I would mourn my loss (how pathetic am I). I would pout and remember the yummy taste in my mouth that I missed so much. I mean think about it, three times a week,and then all of a sudden I quit cold turkey! That sticks with a person!

Then the worst possible thing happened (well, for this specific situation anyway). Meijer opened literally right next door to us (that’s not the bad part, that’s kinda the great part). And wouldn’t you know it, right at the end of their cash registers sits a bright a shiny Icee machine taunting me. The funny thing about having a grocery store so close to you is you visit it pretty often. So for the last three months since that store opened I have been looking at that Icee machine remembering the days when I would taste the cherry and cola on my tongue, and I would have tell myself that it was not worth it to go back when I have stayed away for so long.

AND THEN THE REALLY WORST POSSIBLE THING HAPPENED (please note that I realize way worse things happen daily in the world, and I am in no way belittling or disrespecting the things of real value that take place)…I passed the Icee machine with my husband this weekend! I pouted and whined just enough for him to cave and say he would share one with me. What kind of support is that?!?!?! I barely have enough willpower to go by it alone, and here he is going all in for me? He runs over, pays for the cup and before I know it we are mixing our Icee. I literally had knots in my stomach thinking about taking that first sip. I couldn’t believe I was going to actually do it. After all this time I had been so good and now it was right here in my grasp. He kept trying to hand it to me and I wouldn’t take it. I told him I was struggling with it. I told him my stomach was nervous, but he kept pushing it to me. And then I did it…I took a small drink, and just to be sure I took another small drink. I couldn’t believe how it tasted/felt on my tongue. It was DISGUSTING! It was nothing like I remembered it to be. That smooth, almost buttery cherry coke flavor that had brought me so much joy and comfort all those years ago was now just an absolute waste of my time! I didn’t take another sip, I didn’t even want to!

Nothing like before!

Nothing like before!

Today, the only ice I am thinking about is the ice on my knee and shin to try to work this minor running injury out of my leg! I’m not sure what I did, but I guess it’s been coming for a little while and I didn’t give it the attention it deserved in time. So today it’s ice, and maybe no running 😦 we will see.

Bum knee…stinks!

Bum knee…stinks!

What’s been the hardest thing you’ve given up because you knew it was the healthy choice? Was it worth it?

– T


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