Your hair, that’s the excuse you’re going to go with?

It’s official. I will try to use any excuse to get out of running or working out.

I had a hair appointment this morning. Just a simple hair cut, nothing special. But I didn’t have a chance to workout before I went to my appointment (I know, you aren’t surprised). It’s not like he styled my hair or anything. He just washed it, conditioned it, trimmed it up, put in a little product, dried it (gave me a hand massage in there somewhere), and sent me on my way. I didn’t even wear make-up. Yet somehow, on my way home, I started this conversation with myself in my head about how I couldn’t workout or run when I got home because I had just got my hair done and it would mess it up. I started trying to figure out when would be a better time to do it later tonight, or if I should even do it all…REALLY, REALLY, COME ON!?!?! I mean on top of the fact that my hair wasn’t even styled, and I didn’t have on make-up, it had rained, a lot, and it was hot and humid out. My hair didn’t even look that great by the time I got home. But here I am rationalizing how I needed to preserve it somehow in order to avoid running and working out. Pretty hilarious isn’t it?

The before: humid haircut that was so very important to me to preserve

The before humid haircut that was so very important for me to preserve

Fortunately, I was able to realize how ridiculous I was being and came home, changed clothes and got right to it! I got in my video workout and my run! Right in the middle of a hot and humid day (blah – believe me, I tried to use that as an excuse to put off running too, but I didn’t – YAY!). I figured getting it out of the way as soon as possible would be the best scenario. That way it wouldn’t be running (get it, running…ok, not that funny)around in my mind all day for no reason other than preserving my humidity stricken haircut!

The after: workout hair, but who cares!

The after workout hair. Not very pretty, but who cares!


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