Chicago made me do it!

I spent last week in Chicago with some friends of mine! It was my birthday!!! The weather was beautiful, the food was great, the company was great! The city was great! I love city life. You have the best of everything. There is energy, diversity, shopping, great food (it’s not like you have to make a decision between which chain restaurant you want to eat at, I mean there is real food). I am pretty sure that I was born to be a city girl. And the great thing about Chicago, when the weather is nice, you have the lake. Lake Michigan (GO BLUE)!

photo 1

So, I was able to enjoy that beautiful view on my run in the mornings! How great it is that?!?!?! Pretty spectacular! I would time it so I could stop at this exact spot and stretch, and then just sit and listen to music for a while and watch nothing but the view. I was loving it. I can’t even tell you how happy it made me. It inspired me actually. When I came back from my runs in lovely Chicago and searched running blogs to see what other runners had to say about their runs, I realized something. Exactly how different I was from pretty much every single other runner out there.

I didn’t start running to run a 1k, 5k, 1/2 marathon, marathon, or the Ironman (hahahahahaha). But  who knows, maybe I will run a race or two down the line (it will probably be some fun run or beer race though, I’m not gonna lie – unless it’s for a good cause, then I’m usually onboard).  I didn’t start running because I was a mom that wanted to get into shape and lose my “baby fat” (I did have fat to lose, but I wasn’t fortunate enough to have the excuse of giving birth to children as the reason it was there). I didn’t have all of these amazing goals, and motivating stories to tell people, or apps that got me off the couch. Nope, I was just me one day, and I got the wild hair that made me feel like running. And I felt like running the way I wanted to, not according to anyone else’s rules. I knew if I went out and made myself run a half mile or a mile, I would probably quit. But I knew that if I went out and ran a little, and then walked, and so on. Well, I figured I would probably stick to it, and I have!  I have to talk myself into running most days (mostly because I’m lazy), but I usually get a run in pretty regularly).  It might seem silly to the rest of the running world that I still do the run/walk thing.  And I do always wonder why it looks so easy for everyone else that just keeps running the entire time when we pass, but I just keep on keeping on!  Sometimes, I even smile when I’m finished running.  Who knew!

So Chicago motivated me to start a “running” blog. I’m the blogger that dances (well, runs/exercises) to the beat of her own drum. There is so much to learn from all of the blogs out there depending on what goals you have, or what you are looking to get out of them. Some of the blogs are hilarious.  Some of them are educational.  Mine, well I guess it’s just going to be a silly little roadmap of my ups and downs and sideways journeys with running and everything else that I encounter along the way!



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